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Hype of Sneaker Bash Melbourne

Sneaker Bash Melbourne was amazing. As so much brands can found in the event. Yeezy, Supreme, Bape, Off White, Neighbourhood, Anti Social Social Club, The North Face, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, ASICs, Air Jordan, Human Race, Ambush, Kokaine, Balenciaga, Commes Des Garcon, Undercover, KITH and many many more brand items will be on display and available.

Edwin Low as the founder of sneaker consignment store chain Secret Sneaker Store also become the organizer with Hao Phu and Jay Mijares.

His store SSS was also the star in the event, meanwhile the $1.000 shopping voucher of SSS was became the main target prize during the event.

Last We want to thank all the people who made this event succesfully bashing all of the sneakerhead in Melbourne. Can't wait for more bash this year.